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LSM are dedicated anchoring system specialists with an eye for Quality, Innovation, and Value. For many years drum style anchoring systems left a lot to be desired in design, performance, aesthetics or price. Being boating enthusiasts ourselves with a background in fabrication we began testing components and designs already available, making small changes along the way and filing ideas for the future. After thorough testing and refinement Lone Star Marine was born and we have been working full throttle every day since to provide our customers with the very best winches and accessories, achieving a well earned status as Industry Leaders in Performance, Innovation, Value, and Customer Service. We now manufacture in Australia several standard winch models in two different ranges as well as anchors and custom fitting accessories.

We realize you work hard for your boat, and time in it. Our commitment is to work just as hard to make sure you enjoy it! Our staff are also boating enthusiasts, every product we make from concept to manufacturing to retail is designed to give you confidence in your equipment make your time on the water more enjoyable. Manufacturing and Warehousing is at our head office in Melbourne with an LSM owned distribution facility in the USA. There are over 400 LSM dealers in Australia, New Zealand and North America eager to help with your anchoring system inquiries.


History of Innovation & Pursuit of Excellence

We are proud to have helped shape the drum anchor winch industry into what it is today. We are the first company to manufacture drum winches with purpose made waterproof drives, twin shaft bearing design as standard, use more customized parts, heavier gauge stainless construction, and custom designed drive components. In time we have had many of our original product & accessory designs emulated all over the globe.


We always have our end user in mind, and while we have no desire to play the “how cheap can it be made” game, we do work very hard to keep RRP as low as possible. Our modern manufacturing techniques & streamlined distribution networks help ensure our customers get maximum value for their hard earned. Value for us is not supplying a “cheap product”, but rather supplying the best product at a price that is less than what it should be. Our focus is on making products that perform better and last longer, reducing the real cost of ownership in the long term. While we do make more customized parts for our products and design them to last, we do not pass on the R&D costs on to our customers.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or inquiries, or visit our Retailers list for your closest LSM dealer. Happy Winching!


‘With the quality of your products I’m not surprised they are making their way around the globe ????’

Joel Bacon – March 2019

‘Thanks Lone Star Marine. Brilliant winch and service’

Hank – March 2019

‘The best in business without question. Currently running a GX2 & GX3 and have been blown away by their performance and reliability. I can’t comment on any after sales service as I haven’t required any & can’t imagine I will however if it’s anything like the products they produce I have no doubt it will also be outstanding. Thanks LSM!’

Ben Brown – June 2018

‘These guys are simply awesome…’


Derrick Hodges – November 2018

How many other manufacturers would advise a customer NOT to buy one of their high end products because another more affordable item they manufacture would do the job the person requires? Not many.

That sort of business ethics doesn’t just stop with their purchase recommendations, it’s right throughout their business and is the reason I will only ever buy and recommend Lonestar Marine products.

Matthew Leeson

Hey fellers.
I bought one of these baby’s in size 2 last week and finally got to use it Saturday arvo in some pretty crap conditions.
I moved 4 times and and I can honestly say it hooked up straight away every time and didn’t move. I kept my eye on the gps and zero movement. I also have the new lone star gx2 winch and also super happy.
Perfect match for the 560hh.
Thanks guys.

Goran – 15 Nov 2015

Purchased the LSMD600 and installed onto my 17foot f/glass half cabin. Extremely easy to install and wire up. I have used it for the last 2 weeks and wish that I had purchased one years ago. The winch makes fishing even more of a pleasure. The service was fantastic from the company and postage was extremely fast. I would recommend these winches to anybody. Thank you heaps Lone Star.

Andrew WRIGHT – 4 Oct 2011

Hi Malki, I would like to congratulate you and your team for offering outstanding customer service which makes dealing with you an absolute pleasure and ultimately making a purchase a no brainer! I purchased a G2 600D winch kit. I also purchased a SLC415 bowsprit and a MM7.5 SS Anchor. I fitted these heavy duty and great looking components to my 6.25mt Southwind in just a few hours, installation was hassle free and relativley straight forward.

Performance on the water is absolutely brilliant! The sheer power of the motor is unbelievable and when the anchor is pulled back into the bowsprit it felt solid. As for the anchor, it holds and grips like nothing else ive ever used. I highly recommend LSM to anyone looking for a complete electric anchor winch at a reasonable price backed by a company that knows it stuff and then some. In my opinion there is no other product on the market that offers the same quality, looks or price!!

Happy boating minus the bad back!

Dom – 14 Jan 2013

Hi Malki, I just wanted to provide you with some feedback following my recent purchase of a lonestar winch. The winch is simply fantastic, as most trips are predominantly dive trips we anchor 2 to 3 different spots a trip and the now effortless raising of the anchor is awesome. The custom wiring loom made installation simple and the whole installation only took a couple of hours. The winch is very powerful, high quality build and a real treat to use. I can’t believe I didn’t put one of these in years ago. Once again thanks very much for the service.

TIm Smith

Hi Malki, I am so grateful to have this anchor winch fitted into my 5.5M Seafarer Viking. I had this anchor fitted by yourself at the Factory last year. Fishing Port Philip Bay seems so easy now, no more back pains due to pulling up the anchor manually. At Westernport, I constantly move from one spot to the other knowing that I have a trusted winch to rely on.

I gave the address of your Factory to a friend because he wanted to see you so you can give him some advice the right size of drum winch that will fit into his boat. He went out with me fishing last weekend and he was so impressed with the anchor winch performance.

Leo “Ludee” Cabatingan – 14 Feb 2013

Hi Malki, as I said on the phone, The install went great and it seems like this winch could hold the Queen Mary. Warranty forms are attached. Thanks for the great service, I will definitely refer your business if needed. Thanks mate.

Robert Ciccarella

I fitted one of your winches a few weeks ago now and I have to say, how did I ever manage without it. I have a 5m Quintrex Freedom Sport, but nevertheless it’s still a hassle dropping anchor and then retrieving manually…but with this drum winch..what a dream.

People need to know how to save their backs and spend more time fishing than prattling around with their anchor..this is the answer! Can I get a couple of your LoneStar stickers to put on my boat as the one that came with the winch got destroyed by me during install, somehow got damaged…maybe me..maybe the 3 kids…maybe the dog.. If I could get a couple would love to promote your product on the side of the boat..out every weekend on the broadwater on the Gold Coast so good ads for you…and am more than happy to promo your quality product .

Awesome product, awesome results..would and will recommend to everyone I know Lonestar Marine…

Andrew 18 Feb 2013

Hey Malki & Jordan, I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you guys for your help and advice when purchasing my G2 400.

As you can see from the attached pics the installation in my Signature 460R was very neat and effective – almost as if it was designed by Haines! The installation itself was straightforward – I took my time and measured and checked everything a couple of times. Even the wiring diagram was easy to follow.

I have had the boat out on the Bay a number of times now and I can report that the winch set up and 7.5 Mud Magnet work perfectly in depths of up to 23 metres. The only person not happy is my Chiropractor.

Thanks again guys, well done.

Neil Laws-Queenscliff

My whole experience with this Company,especially the advice provide by Malki regarding the installation has been excellent. I have now been using the winch for just over a year now and it has proved faultless. I am glad I accepted his advice relating to the use of two batteries,because a couple of times,the anchor has come up with great chunks of the bottom on it, thereby adding significantly to the overall anchor weight and consequently the load on the winch motor.

I would recommend this product to others who just may read this testimonial. Definitely value for money.

Charles Hook – 16 Apr 2013

Hi, Just thought I’d let you know that everything arrived yesterday, and after paying GST and customs, the unit was delivered. With the fact that the unit arrived, I managed to head off from work a bit earlier so I could check it all out.

I was very pleased to find everything as planned, and thought that you guys supply a nice kit with excellent instructions and parts well labelled. Because I had to…I wired everything up in the garage to do a quick test before any assembly in the boat, and it worked perfectly…so can’t get better than that



Gary 02/07/2013 – 2 Jul 2013

Hi Malki and Jordan,

I recently fitted Chain Guard to my anchor chain on the Haines Signature and WOW, what a difference! It is so quiet. when I winch up the anchor, all we can hear is a slight change in pitch from winching up the rope to when the chain covered with Chain Guard comes up. It is truly awesome. When we are chasing the fish, we tend to move around a fair bit. Chain Guard makes a BIG difference in keeping the noise to a bare minimum, particularly when fishing for Whiting. The other benefit is that the chain with Chain Guard fitted winds onto the electric drum winch so evenly it looks like a machine wind. It also softens the lock in of the anchor into the bow sprit. I highly recommend Chain Guard to anyone with an electric anchor winch, Thanks guys, a great product!
Regards Maddog

Eric Morgen That’s Fishing – 9 Sep 2013

If you haven’t got a Lonestar Winch then get one. I’ve got them on 2 big charter boats and I can’t break em. They’re the best winch in Oz and believe me, I replaced others with these.

Andrew Horne
Proline Charters

Andrew Horne – 10 Oct 2013

Mate thanks for the winch, my wife loves you. No more pulling up anchor. it was a good plan sending her up to pull the anchor. i went out last weekend in 90 to 150 ft of water and the winch worked great.

I’ve told a few of my mates how well the winch worked and they to are thinking about it.

Again thanks, I’m very pleased with the winch.

John Reif

John Reif

I have recently purchased and fitted a lone Star winch to my Haines Hunter 580 Breeze and absolutely love it, these guys are what service is about, after I recently lost an anchor, chain etc, due to a fault of my own, one phone call and a new one was on the way at there already low price.

Such a pleaser to deal with Lone Star.

Cheers Guys.

Adam Stan

Adam Stan – 25 Nov 2013

Hi Lone Star sales team,

Please find attached the information you require to complete the warranty activation.

I installed the winch and have been using it not stop since XMas as we took the boat away on holidays to Merimbula for 2 weeks. LOVE IT!! Works brilliantly after a couple of goes at selecting the right Lone Star hawse pipe (had to go to wide mouth since it didn’t spool to the edges. I also installed the Lone Star rocking bow sprit and mud anchor. They all work brilliantly together.

The wife and kids are now more likely to come fishing and boating since they were usually the ones who used to pull up the anchor.

You can really feel the torque in the unit and it changes the demeaner on the boat not having to send the kids up to the front to pull anchor. I would recommend them to anyone.

Best Regards
David Redfern

David Redfern – 15 Jan 2014

I have finally fitted your winch the 400w model to my stejcraft half cabin, it works a treat does the job with ease it make the day fun now.

Mates want to go now no more anchor choirs.

Thanks for the swivel. Great product love your work


Mark Fleming


Mark Fleming – 19 Feb 2014

I bought a LSM600D winch kit with rope and chain kit, wiring loom, bow sprit and anchor swivel 2 years ago. Best thing I could have ever done. It has been working beautifully and then last week when I went fishing it stopped. I sent Malki an email telling him of the problem. He phoned me straight away and arranged to come down and have a look at it the next day. He repaired it on site. Problem solved. I can’t recommend him more highly for his great customer service and caring for a fellow fisherman.

Carlos – 25/02/14 – 24 Feb 2014

Great after sales service. And so grateful for all your efforts. The speed of service is just 2nd to none. Would refer you guys to anyone wanting a winch for their boat.

Thanks heaps

Hass – 27 Feb 2014

Hi, I have installed the winch on my 1972 Savage Surveyor 5.8 and having now used it, I thought I would let you know how great value it is. I am using a Sarca#2 anchor and bow roller and it performs really well and as stated, is really well built and easily copes with the weight of this boat. I would recommend these winches to anyone in the market.



Glen – 7 Jan 2013

Hi Malki, Went fishing on the weekend and used the anchor winch for the first time. What an amazing bit of gear, everything was effortless, I don’t know why I left it so long to buy one. Thanks for your help along the way and I look forward to dealing with you again.

Have a good new year and thanks heaps Brad.


G’day Malki

I bought your small drum winch with rope and chain for my 5.5 meter Formosa Tomahawk this year. I wanted to thank you for being available for me to pop in on several occasions to look over your product before committing to buy. I fitted it my self and then I purchased the wiring loom from you and them bought one of your fantastic bow sprits aswell. Mate I have been giving it all a hammering this season in both Westerport and Port Phillip Bays plus a bit of estuary down Gippsland. It has exceeded my expectations and would have no problem recommending your equipment to anyone, in fact I just fitted another one to my friend Guys boat. Again hassle free and I can report he is also very pleased with his new set up. Money well spent. Thanks again mate.
Richard Davis

Richard Davis – 22 Dec 2012

Very impressed with the winch so are a lot of my mates who have seen it as well.

Gaz – 8 Nov 2011

I recently purchased a 600W winch kit for my 5.5m boat. What a great kit! It was easy to install, with the wiring loom being well worth buying as it made the install an absolute breeze.

I thought I could use my existing bow sprit originally, but after the first trip where the anchor required handling to start lowing, and the rope got caught between the roller and the edge of the sprit, I spent ages at the front of the boat trying to make the winch run smoothly. Malki recommended a new bow sprit, which I purchased and installed in 10 minutes.

What a difference the new bow sprit made!! The whole winch and sprit runs beautifully and make fishing a dream (especially when fishing alone). How have I survived without this before??? I didn’t realise what a difference it would make.

Thanks Lone Star Marine

Sam – 3 Nov 2011

Recently I purchased the Lone Star Marine 600w Drum Anchor Winch. I have since installed the winch myself and have had the electrical work carried out by an auto electrician. Because of the size restriction of my anchor well (Polycraft 4.55 Cuddy Cabin) I had to install winch on a plate mounted over the well. I am using a 10lb plough anchor with 5.5M of chain. I have just completed 5 days fishing at Bemm River and am now in a position to assess the winch. Bemm River is very shallow but there are also some deeper waters which are currently influenced by tidal movement as the entrance is open. Having fished in all different conditions – shallow, deep, tidal and in extreme wind I can say that the winch is BLOODY BRILLIANT. I have never had an easier time moving from spot to spot – something that I avoided in the past due to the hassle involved. The ability to move forward and backward on the same anchorage using the 75M anchor rope that I also purchased, at the touch of a button, made for a much more pleasant experience given the weather conditions. My back thanks you and my deckie thanks you (will now have to find other things for him/her to do). I can also see that the safety aspects are fishing alone have now greatly improved as I will not have to leave the helm to carry out launching and retrieval of the anchor. As a long time boaty fisherman I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in comfort, ease of use and improved safety purchase one of these. The price is great, the operation is as advertised and you can mark me as a very satisfied customer.

Bernie Lock

The 1000w winch I bought from you is outstanding.Thank you for your after sales advice Regards Boro.

Boro Coober pedy – 31 Oct 2011

Hi Malki,

Paul from Moonta Bay S.A.

I have bought the 600w winch from you, and just fitted it, went out Saturday and didn?t get a bite: NO FISH AT ALL!

But I didn?t care. That Winch made up for it, ……… it was GREAT !!!!!!!! The best thing I have ever bought for the boat.

Saves my back.



Paul – 16 Oct 2011

Malki,great quality product, would recommend you to all interested.thanks again!

Christo – 13 Oct 2011

Totally rapt with the winch and it looks great deck mounted, thanks mate!

Stu – 7 Oct 2011

Hi Malki,

Just a short note to compliment you on your service, professional approach, and the product.

We put the winch through exhaustive trials over the week-end.

I am happy to report………. So far so good.

We found the winch to be exactly as you described, it performed better than expected, and I will report further.

Best Regards


Peter 24 October 2011

Hi Malki

Our boat is an Ocean Master 590 fibreglass cuddycab weighing approx 1800kg. it has a purpose’ built in’ anchor well.

Because of the weight of your winch and the tight space in the anchor well, we had a little difficulty mounting it.

That difficulty was soon forgotten after using the winch extensively.

We have used the winch 50 or 60 times in all weather conditions, and I am happy to report that it has performed faultlessly, exactly as you described.

My view is that your winch is as good or better than others which are twice the price.

Once again many thanks for your great service.

Best Regards



Hi Malki,

One of the main reasons I purchased the Lone Star was I thought the kit was the best value around, very much liked the integration of the reinforcing base plate , attaching hardware. I went for the 1000 watt winch, arguably bigger than needed for a 5.4 m big tinny, but I could fit a 100 m of rope plus chain & know I could anchor anywhere in Westernport & with stand the highest running currents.

I can send you some photos if you wish to show you how the installation turned out – (I guess every boat is subtly different), I did show some of the guys at work some pics of the finished job – they were quite impressed with the overall installation. The job took longer than planned & probably cost me more than I Initially budgeted for electrics & the new bow sprit but I got the job I wanted having completed the installation myself for the price I was quoted for an installed winch of less than half the size with only 60 m rope capacity.

Looking forward to getting out into Westernport & chasing some snapper without the back breaking task of pulling up the anchor the old way!




I have had supplied and fitted a 600 series winch to my webbster twin fisher by Lone Star
the fit up is tops ,This is a top quality product fitted with no bullshit or fuss
if you want value for money (which is hard to find these days )
look no futher
keep up the good work Lone Star

Graeme – 1 Oct 2012

Hi Malki, I purchased one of your winches a few months back. Would like to say that mounting was easier than expected, and the quality of the winch is outstanding. I have used it several times now with no issues at all, I would recommend LONESTAR MARINE products to anyone in the market for top quality products, along with top service, and sales for their boating needs.

Cheers, Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez – 31 Aug 2012

Hi Malki,

I’ve installed my LMS600D Winch to my Quintrex Coastrunner CV 510 and took it out for a test run last weekend which everything works perfectly as you would expect.
Just like to commend you on a quality product at a reasonable price compared to competition.
The install was nice and easy with the custom wiring loom, and have attached some photos for reference.
Fishing with the winch just got a little better and easier making taking the boat all that much more fun. 🙂

Regards Jason.


Malkie thank you for the winch you have supplied for my Haines Signature 532F, I don’t know how i coped without one before.
Your advice, service and product is second to none and the price was outstanding (alot cheaper than all the rest).Delivery was quick and wasn’t a hassle.Malkie was always available to help with any questions I had with the instalation.
I highly recommend Lone Star Marine to anyone wishing to purchase a winch as you wont find a quality winch at such a low price.
Thank you once again Malkie
Cheers Kruno

Kruno – 23 May 2012

I purchased my winch ( LSM1000D ) from Malki in November last year (2011) and fish regularly with my dad of 79 years . I have a 6.5mtr plate boat and in current or wind, it was just hard work, even on a calm day to pull the anchor in deep water . I fish a lot at night and very early mornings , sometimes moving a few times to either be Right on that spot or just to try another area . These winches are fantastic and i don’t believe how ignorant I was not using one years ago . A real example of how good and well-built these winches are showed at Port Welshpool (Victoria ) when a very nasty storm hit at 2.30 am one morning , thinking it would last only a few minutes and not wanting to go back , I waited 15 minutes and then the torential rain came along with 50 knot winds , I said to my dad , ” Time to Go ” you have no idea how nice it was to stay in the cabin and pull up the anchor (a big home made sarca plough type with 7 metres of chain) without having to negotiate around to the front of the boat and manually pull it up in the rain and waves, let alone the safety factor of getting out and back in the dark and rough conditions.. I fitted it myself , not a hard job and cannot speak highly enough of Malki the owner . A great fellow with a very good product and back up if something ever were to go wrong. These are as good and better than a most other winches of Double the price .. yours sincerly Wayne Brentwood . Geelong

Wayne Brentwood

I bought a LSM600D winch kit with rope and chain kit, wiring loom, bow sprit and anchor swivel 2 years ago. Best thing I could have ever done. It has been working beautifully and then last week when I went fishing it stopped. I sent Malki an email telling him of the problem. He phoned me straight away and arranged to come down and have a look at it the next day. He repaired it on site. Problem solved. I can’t recommend him more highly for his great customer service and caring for a fellow fisherman.

Carlos – 25/02/14 – 24 Feb 2014

Great after sales service. And so grateful for all your efforts. The speed of service is just 2nd to none. Would refer you guys to . anyone wanting a winch for their boat.

Thanks heaps

Hass – 27 Feb 2014

Hi Maki and Justin
purchased a G3 600 D for my Savage Mako 5.5 boat and fitted it ,it wasva tight space but i got it in no worries, also the wireing loom is a great advantage ,so easy to wire up ,the whole kit is fantastic, very well made and a credit to you, it works a treat and is worth every cent. thankyou for the great price and the info you gave me and prompt delivery,i would recomend Lonestar Marine to any one who wants quality products and service .Love your work fellas

Cheers Noel

Noel Kenneally – 15 Aug 2014

To Lone Star I purchased a G2-600 D winch for a 5.5metre stacer bower rider . What a piece of machinery top class ,Easy fitting instructions and a pleasure to use .No more pulling up the anchor for me. Thanking You Lone Star . Alan

Alan – 15 Jan 2013

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