Haines Hunter

Haines Hunter

Haines Seaquell 460 RF


Haines Traveler 530

w/ GX2

Haines Hunter 680 Patriot

w/ GX2

Haines Hunter 492

W/ G3-600D, DR135mm deck roller, RC600-8mm,

Dual anchor swivel and Chain Guard.

Haines Hunter 530

W/ G3-600D, SLR415 Bow sprit, Wide Hawse pipe, MM7.5SS anchor,

RC600-8mm, Chain Guard, Dual Anchor swivel.

Haines Hunter 530 Breeze

W/ G3-600D, Customised SLR415 Bowsprit, Mud Magnet 7.5GAL

Haines Hunter 535 Profish

w/ G3-600D, SLR315 Bowsprit, MM7.5GAL anchor, DR135mm deck roller,

RC600-8mm, Chain Guard & Dual anchor swivel

Haines Hunter 560 Offshore

W/ G3-1000D, Chain Guard and Dual Anchor Swivel

Haines Hunter 630 Breeze

W/ G3-1000D, SLR415 Bow sprit, RC1000-8mm, Chain Guard

& Dual anchor Swivel.

Haines Hunter 635L

W/ G3-1000D, Wide Hawse Pipe & Dual Anchor Swivel

Haines Hunter 650R

W/ G3-1400D, Chain Guard & Dual Anchor Swivel

Haines Hunter V17L

W/ G3-600D, Wide Hawse Pipe, SLR415 Bowspit, Mud Magnet 7.5kg GAL & Anchor Swivel

Haines Traveller

W/ G3-600D, RC600-8mm. SLR415 Bowsprit, 135mm Deck Roller,

MM7.5GAL anchor & Dual anchor swivel.

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