GX-Hyd Range

The Worlds premier electric drum anchor winch manufacturer has gone..hydraulic? Its true! We have made many 1 off hydraulic winches in the past for commercial fishing and mining operations, and thought it was time to add standard options to our range. Featuring the same high quality self locking Italian Made transmissions & 316 stainless steel spool and cradle as our electric GX Series, the GX-Hyd range is available in GX2-Hyd (250mm), GX3-Hyd (300mm), GXD-Hyd (a heavy duty 300mm drum & XL gearbox), GX4-Hyd…
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GX1-P & REC Anchors Release

The Ultimate Anchoring System for Pontoon & Deck Boats is available now! Introducing the GX1-P, the First & Only High Quality drum style anchor winch & integrated bow sprit designed to mount in as little as 8 inches of deck space. Australian Made from 316 stainless steel and 6061 machined and anodized aluminium (like our entire GX Series), the GX1-P is made for the elements and is at home in both fresh and saltwater environments. The pivoting bowsprit design of…
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Custom Brushless Mining Winch

There is no other winch company in the world that has the expertise and experience to build such a wide variety of electric winches as LSM, and this custom mining winch is just one more example. This custom unit will be used for mining operations mapping and dropping sensors in holes up to 1000m or more.Oh, it also had to be mobile to be used on a variety of platforms, so we fabricated a custom aluminium frame with handles and can be lifted…
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The HAULMASTER 1500 is the Newest addition to the Lone Star range! We have been asked for many years to create an indestructible pot hauler, and in 2020 we finally started putting pen to paper. We not only wanted to make a pot hauler, we wanted to create a truly modular multipurpose line hauling system that excelled in all areas of application, no compromises!It had to be fully self contained. It had to be fully waterproof with minimal maintenance. It had…
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Our good friend Dave Marciano from Nat Geo’s Wicked Tuna needed a couple bow sprits to suit his preferred Fortress Anchors for the F/V Hard Merchandise & F\V Falcon. Our CX750’s didn’t really match the angles well for the Fortress Anchors, so with their assistance we’ve come out with a new model. The CX950HD has an adjustable roller setting to suit all sizes and is long enough to keep the flukes away from the bow. They also work perfectly with…
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The Mighty Murph

Two Mighty GX5-HD Murphs being bedded down for a long journey overseas. “The Murph” GX5-HD  is a new model in the GX range. Originally created for 90ft houseboats, this powerhouse is ideal when a GX6 is just too large or the rope capacity of a GX6 is unnecessary. These units are absolutely unbreakable & are without a doubt the highest power density for their size electric drum style anchor winches ever made. In short it’s a GX6 sized drive on a GX5 sized…
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GX2-HD Twin Drum

Custom GX2-HD leaving today to live on a commercial fishing boat. This particular unit will be used for pulling nets on a shallow water prawn trawler.  Split Drum 80mm internal diameter 1500w motor Machined cable connectors A real benefit to manufacturing over importing is the ability to serve our customers faster, and with higher quality product. You wont find a Chinese electric drum winch capable of the sort of abuse this unit will see or a supplier willing to make it.…
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Bushfire Fundraiser Appeal a Huge Success

The devastation caused by fires raging in SE Victoria and NSW made worldwide headlines in January 2020. Lone Star Marine along with Victorian Manufacturers Busted Fishing and Burley Pro, with the assistance of dozens of volunteers & contributors, were able to raise over $200,000 in under a month to assist those affected. Wicked Tuna’s Capt. Dave Marciano even raffled off two days on the Falcon in Gloucester MA! Read all about it here:

LSM Cracks Chinese OEM Market

Aluminium v Stainless Steel

(An exercise in thermal dissipation) Ladies & Gentlemen This is why we use aluminium in our GX Series & Elite Series motors & transmissions over any other material. -Conductivity in Aluminum: Pure aluminium has a thermal conductivity (heat transfer) of about 235 watts per kelvin per meter, and an electrical conductivity (at room temperature) of about 38 million siemens per meter. Heat sinks for electronic parts are made of aluminum due to the metal’s good thermal conductivity. -Conductivity in Stainless…
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2018 GX Series Winch Guide

How do I choose a GX Series Winch? Which winch is right for my boat? What accessories are available? Why choose the GX Series? Our most comprehensive guide yet is available right here or swing past your nearest LSM dealer to pick up a hard copy.  

Worlds First Drum Winch Shootout!

For the first time every a 4 way head to head comparison has been conducted at an independent NATA Accredited facility on Australia’s top 4 drum winches in the 240-250mm drum size. No cash for comment, no clever marketing, no smoke & mirrors, watch the video and see for yourself! As reported by Trailer Boat-Australasia PRESS RELEASE – TRAILER BOAT – AUSTRALASIA TOPIC – NATA ACCREDITED TESTING OF COMPARITIVE MARINE DRUM WINCHES We’ve all been witness to hot debate amongst…
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HDC Capstans set for August Release

Capstans have been around for millennia in various forms, so when we finally decided to make a range of capstans we really had our work cut out for us! After all there are plenty of companies the world over who make these load pullers, what advantages could we offer? Knurling. Our HDC capstans are machined (not cast) from 6160 T6 aluminium billet and anodised in a hard black. Machining our heads gives us the opportunity to fine tune the knurling…
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Carbon Makes the Motor Work

Hi Guys We thought we would share a few things with you regarding winch motors. In 2013 LSM released the Gen 3 series. This series featured a SS clad motor, the first of its kind in the anchoring system world, among other great features they included an extended warranty and lifetime warranty against water ingress. Now Stainless Steel motors have been around in other applications for a very long time, namely food processing and similar environments requiring wash down. We…
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Emergency Manual Release

Hi Guys, we have been receiving a fair few phone calls and emails regarding a noticeable lack of dust covers on our GX & Elite series gearboxes. Although they certainly look neat (especially with our logo stamped in them) dust covers don’t do much against water ingress & prohibit the use of our emergency manual release function in the event of power loss. To use the Emergency Manual Release: Ensure the drum is in a neutral position (no load) Turn…
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10,000 Winch Celebration

Hi Guys, we are getting close to supplying our 10,000th Drum Winch and want to celebrate with our customers. If you are an LSM user fill in the form below with your picture or proof of purchase for your chance to win a custom  Lone Star Edition LGN from Truth Reels. *Please provide proof of purchase OR picture of yourself with your LSM Winch, any model or series. *LSM Dealers are not eligible sorry *Drawing will be held on December 15,…
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CERTIFIED- Accept! No Substitutes!

Did you know out of all drum winches making waterproof claims only LSM are actually IP68 certified? Our GX Series motors have an official IP68 (ingress protection) rating from Austest Labs. What makes this rating so remarkable (other than being by far the most waterproof PROVEN winch motor on the market), is the fact we have designed our components to achieve this rating with… ✔️No Paint ✔️No Glue ✔️No Silicon Sealant ✔️No Exposed Terminals ✔️Superior Corrosion Resistance Our GX winch…
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A Tale of Two Circuit Breakers

A tale of two Circuit Breakers-Quality is in the details Circuit breakers are essential in any anchoring system. The primary functions are to protect the winch motor from overload, batteries from voltage drop, and in a worst case scenario prevent fire on your boat! It is for this reason we here at LSM consider the the humble circuit breaker to be the most important component in you anchoring system. So whats the difference between these two? They are both “waterproof”,…
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New Products Released

We’ve been working hard on constantly improving our existing product lines and also introducing a few new ones.  We have purchase a new facility specifically for production fibreglass work which have enabled us to produce a high quality range of bait boards and rigging stations suitable for boats from 14-80ft. Baitboards LSM Production Glassworks-High Quality Baitboards & 316SS fittings. Made right here in Australia. Visit our baitboard range by clicking here GXC Pot Pullers GXC Pot Pullers. Breaks down for…
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Congratulations Sailfish Catamarans

Congratulations to longtime OEM customer Sailfish Catamarans, Winner of Australia’s Greatest Boats 2 years in a row! Australia’s Greatest boats use Australia’s Anchoring Systems????    

Viva la Resistance!

Except when we’re talking marine electrics. Corrosion will wreak havoc on your more powerful marine systems. Anchor winches, being one of if not the largest current draw on your vessel, will find the faults first. In the instance below a motor upgrade quickly revealed the non tinned cable in use was no longer suitable. Attempting to run high power electrics through corroded cable (or cable that is too small) can result in voltage drop, solenoid & motor damage. -Use quality…
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Cable Size is Important

Hi Guys Cable size is paramount in a winch install. If you are considering an LSM system please use the correct sized cable as stated in the paperwork. Undersized cable will result in poor performance and may damage the motor or solenoid. Trust us, regardless of what your ‘sparky mate’, or neighbour, or some guy online, has to say. We know exactly what you need and want your products to work for you as they should. Happy Winching

Aus Test Testing

As many thousands of our existing customers already know, when you want the best, Buy the Best! We are proud to announce our GX Series motors have officially received an IP68 (ingress protection) rating from Austest Labs. What makes this rating so remarkable (other than being by far the most waterproof winch motor on the market), is the fact we have designed our components to achieve this rating with… ✔No Paint ✔No Glue ✔No Silicon Sealant ✔No Exposed Terminals ✔Superior…
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Know Your…Rope?

Hi Guys, there are a plethora of rope varieties that can be used on drum winches. Actually that’s one of the great things about drum winches! However not all ropes are created equal. Now the first thing you should know is there are two basic categories in which most ropes can be classified, double braid and 3 strand. In the smaller diameters (6, 8, & 10mm) double braid is the preferred choice due to its high breaking strain and small…
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