Aluminium v Stainless Steel

(An exercise in thermal dissipation)

Ladies & Gentlemen

This is why we use aluminium in our GX Series & Elite Series motors & transmissions over any other material.

-Conductivity in Aluminum:
Pure aluminium has a thermal conductivity (heat transfer) of about 235 watts per kelvin per meter, and an electrical conductivity (at room temperature) of about 38 million siemens per meter. Heat sinks for electronic parts are made of aluminum due to the metal’s good thermal conductivity.

-Conductivity in Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel has a thermal conductivity (heat transfer) of about 15 watts per kelvin per meter, and an electrical conductivity (at room temperature) of about 1.4 million siemens per meter. (source;

Aluminium dissipates heat up to 15 times faster than stainless steel. This is a fact and enables us to use much faster motors than most competitors (up to 3,000 rpm faster) and higher ratio transmissions (up to 50% higher gearing), yet still deliver industry leading drop & retrieval speed (up to 35% faster than others available). So, despite the higher gearing our products are still faster than most others available.

All this leads to a massive upside and a key to longevity, Monster Torque!
✔️Higher Torque=Easier Life
✔️Easier Life=Better Performance & Long Product Life
✔️Better Performance & Long Product Life=Happy Customers

GX Series Motors have a 6160 T6 aluminium exterior. This material is machined right here in Australia then hard anodised for a lifetime of use in saltwater. 6160 T6 is lighter with much better heat dissipation than stainless steel, however it is also more expensive by volume than cast Chinese stainless tube you may find in other products. The results are well worth it for the our users however, high torque & long duty cycles are achieved with no risk to internal damage from overheating. Both GX & Elite Series transmissions also feature aluminium housings for the same reason.

This material enables our high speed/high torque drive components to work to their full potential without sacrificing performance or longevity.

-High Speed & High Torque-
The right materials, the best components, for the best performance, over the longest period, in any conditions. Thats our goal and why we build our products the way we do.
“Better Winches by Design!”⚓️

ELITE 3 gearbox close up gx transmissions

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