MMX Series

  • Fast Setting
  • Lead Free
  • Hoop Free
  • Retrieval Slide
  • High Holding Power
  • Suitable for Most substrates
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Bending
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Fast Setting. High Holding Power. Reliability….incarnate. Everything you could want in an anchor for most substrates is here. The MMX by LSM spent 16 months in development with the goal to tackle the worst in anchoring substrate, soft mud. The result is an anchor for any seabed, any boat, anywhere the MMX sets in inches and is designed to set fast and dig deep.

Featuring a lead free/hoop free design the MMX is Manufactured in Australia from High Tensile Steel Plate. Our Innovative retrieval slide drops all the way to the head for 170 degree retrieval in rock or reef. With a massive holding power to weight ratio, the MMX features minimum 8mm plate head construction (min. 10mm handle) for incredible strength, excellent balance, and displacement.  Stabilizing wings and a folded drop tip design ensure excellent setting immediately and reduce the chance of the anchor breaking free in a tide change. Available in hot dipped gal finish for boats to 80ft.

Sizes & Specifications

MMX Anchor Gal Rec Boat Size Appr. Weight Width at Head Handle Length
MMX-1 Up to 5m 3.5kg 305mm 330mm
MMX-2 Up to 6.5m 6 Kg 350mm 380mm
MMX-3 Up to 8m 8 Kg 390mm 430mm
MMX-4 Up to 9.5m 12 Kg 510mm 510mm
MMX-5 Up to 12m 21 Kg 575mm 575mm
MMX-6 Up to 16m 30 Kg 635mm 640mm
MMX-7 Up to 20m 40 Kg 695mm 745mm
MMX-8 20m+ 50kg 865mm 880mm

Sea Floor Excellent Good Fine Fair Poor
Soft, Soupy Mud X
Firm Mud/Clay X
Grass Beds X
Hard Sand X
Gravel/Shale X
Rock/Reef/Boulders X

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