Elite Series

Elite Series by LSM. The Elite Series boast two brand new features on any anchor winch. Brushless motor technology, and CNC’d billet aluminium transmissions (Elite2-5). These winches were designed to work hard, day after day and are right at home on a wave swept foredeck. Elite units feature a soft start/stop system & are suited to the longest duty cycles for continuous use in deep drop situations. If you are after something a little different, value low volume hand made parts & like the option of variable speed ask you nearest dealer about the Elite Series.
✔Brushless Technology
✔Variable Speed from the Helm
✔Excellent Pulling Power
✔Superior Corrosion Resistance
✔Long Duty Cycle

✔ Machined Billet Gearbox (elite 2-5)
✔High Volume Commercial Quality
✔ Low power draw under no load

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Model Spec Max Drop-Retrieval Speed Holding at Anchor Rope/Chain Capacity Recc. Boat Size Packaged Weight (Appr.)
Elite2 250mm Drum 26mm Solid Shaft 88mm Gearset 1500W Output Brushless Motor 55m/180 ft. p/m 3T 90m x 8mm rope 7m x 8mm SL Chain 5-8m 22kg
Elite3 300mm Drum 30mm Solid Shaft 98mm Gearset 1500W Output Brushless Motor 60m/196 ft. p/m 3.6T 130m x 8mm rope 10m x 8mm SL Chain 6-9m 32kg
Elite4 350mm Drum 37mm Solid Shaft 126mm Gearset 2500W Output Brushless Motor (12V)3000W Output Brushless Motor (24V) 65m/213 ft. p/m 5.2T 120m x 10mm rope 12m x 8mm SL Chain 8-12m+ 44kg
Elite5 Charter King 420mm Drum 37mm Solid Shaft 150mm Gearset 2500W Output Brushless Motor (12v)3000W Output Brushless Motor (24V) 65m/213ft. p/m 7T 125 m x 12mm rope 12m x 10mm SL Chain 10-15m+ 60kg
Elite6 Jumbo 550mm Drum 55mm Solid Shaft 220mm Gearset 4500W Output Brushless Motor (24v) *Standard Cast Gearbox 75m/246ft p/m 11T 150m x 20mm Rope 13m x 13mm SL Chain 15-20m+ 125kg
Elite7 Beast 750mm Drum 65mm Solid Shaft Two stage reduction gearbox 4500w Output Brushless Motor 70m/229ftp/m 11T 150 x 25mm Rope 15m x 13mm SL Chain 20m+ 170kg



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