Viva la Resistance!

Except when we’re talking marine electrics. Corrosion will wreak havoc on your more powerful marine systems. Anchor winches, being one of if not the largest current draw on your vessel, will find the faults first.

In the instance below a motor upgrade quickly revealed the non tinned cable in use was no longer suitable. Attempting to run high power electrics through corroded cable (or cable that is too small) can result in voltage drop, solenoid & motor damage.

-Use quality tinned marine grade cable throughout your vessel.
-If you are experiencing power loss
✔Check all connections including solenoid & batteries for corrosion
✔Ensure every terminal is tight
✔Check heat shrink around each lug.
✔If your unsure of the quality of your cable test the connections in the wet areas of your boat first. This may require removing the lugs. In the example below the connection looked perfect, corrosion was only found after the cable was cut.


LSM only supply AU Made Oxygen Free Marine Grade Tinned Copper in our wiring looms.

Happy Winching????

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