GX & Elite Series

LSM offer two similar looking yet functionally distinct series of drum anchor winches. Both series offer all machined fittings, twin shaft bearing design, triple sealed bearings, and minimum of 6mm 316 SS construction. Both series feature fully sealed motors in 6061 anodised marine grade alloy, no exposed terminals, no powder coated mild steel, an emergency manual release, and both feature fast drop and retrieve ratings. Both feature models for boats to over 60ft, include our famous 5 + Life Warranty (recreational), have a beautiful high polished finish, and are Manufactured in Australia. So what’s the difference?


The GX Series are the standard in rugged anchoring systems. They simply over-deliver. The GX series has been designed and manufactured to be the strongest in structural design, has a wide base, triple sealed twin bearing system, machined & anodised gearbox and bearing collars (wont crack over time like cast alloy), and has been engineered from the ground up to deliver better performance, corrosion resistance, and longevity than other units available. Motors in the GX series have been designed from the ground up exclusively for  LSM drum winches, we own the tooling on these motors. GX motors were created for high efficiency with high speed on the drop and high torque for retrieval, they have tested and certified to IP 68 rating (that’s the highest level of ingress protection on any winch motor) & have been tested to 6,000 standard duty cycles of use. Transmissions are fully manufactured in Italy (not made in China & imported through and Italian company), have no mild steel fittings, and feature marine grade-not industrial grade outputs. They are true industry workhorses & ideal for most boaters who are looking for a reliable, high quality anchoring system without an inflated price tag. GX series winches will drop/retrieve at up to 156t. in the first minute.

Don’t let the affordable RRP fool you, GX series winches have been created to outperform and outlast virtually any other drum anchor winch made.


The Elite series are a Worlds First & new breed in anchoring systems. Featuring Brush-Less Motor technology and well oversized controllers for  duty cycles. Brushless motors represent even higher efficiency. Motor controllers are self protecting for the motor and controller itself against voltage drop and overheating. Variable speed function is controlled via multi position momentary toggle at the helm, so the skipper can choose how fast or slow the anchor comes in or goes out instantly. Drop rates are quite fast, up to 250ft. per minute depending on the model. The best part of this system is there are no parts to wear out, being brush-less these motors are ideal for high volume commercial use.  Elite winches feature the highest power density motors on the market with our smallest being 1500W in a relatively small housing. Transmissions are one of a kind 1 piece CNC’d billet aluminium (elite 2-5) and feature high quality Italian Made gear sets and SKS bearings. These transmissions are Made in Australia & assembled in house. Elite Series Winches feature no cast parts and and all 316SS and Anodized 6061 Marine Grade Billet Alloy construction.

The Elite Series are assembled to order. Please contact your nearest dealer for details. 

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