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Media Mentions

Lonestar Marine products have been featured in printed media and numerous Boating & Fishing TV shows over the last decade. You can currently catch the GX Series Wicked Tuna’s Angelica Fisheries and several other Wicked Tuna boats.

Above Deck or Below

Anytime, anywhere, in any weather-our products are built to last. Due to our superior design & quality manufacturing process, our products can be fully exposed to the the harshest saline environments above deck for years. In fact we run a constant submersion water ingress test at our showroom in Melbourne.

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Lone Star products are engineered from the ground up not only for performance but for longevity in corrosive environments. All raw materials are origin certified for the highest quality and long-term performance. This means LSM winch motors are the finest anchor winch motors anywhere in the world.

Buy it Once, For Life

Would you like to see how the GX Series stacks up against the competition? Watch the Worlds first 4 way head to head shootout in an Independently Tested NATA Accredited facility!


When you want the best, Buy the Best! We are proud to announce our GX Series motors have officially received an IP68 (ingress protection) rating from Austest Labs.
What makes this rating so remarkable (other than being by far the most waterproof winch motor on the market), is the fact we have designed our components to achieve this rating with

✔No Paint
✔No Glue
✔No Silicon Sealant
✔No Exposed Terminals
✔Superior Corrosion Resistance

Our 5 + Life Warranty is a reflection of our success in Design, Commitment to Industry & Drive to Innovation. A warranty based on Quality-Not a cheap replacement price!

The Worlds First & Only Drum Winch Motor with IP68 Certification! No Paint, Glue, or Silicon Sealant.



Lone Star Marine GX, Elite, CX, CR, DDW & MMX products are proudly Manufactured in Australia

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