REC Anchor

The REC has arrived!

The all new REC (river, estuary, combination) anchors by Lone Star Marine are specifically made for inshore use and pair perfectly with our GX1-P pontoon and deck boat anchor winch.

The REC anchors hold unique advantages over other similar styles on the market.

REC anchors cannot sit flat, as soon as they hit the bottom they are on their side an ready to dig in! The cupped design gathers more substrate and balances the weight along the leading edge.

REC anchors feature 3holes in the base, allowing sediment to pass through as the anchor is being retrieved.

REC anchors are available in 15, 25, and 40lb in both hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel finish.

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REC Anchor Gal Group

REC Anchor Group SS

REC (River Estuary Combination) Anchors
REC15-Gal 15lb REC anchor in Gal Finish 6m
REC25-Gal 25lb REC anchor in Gal Finish 8m
REC40-Gal 40lb REC anchor in Gal Finish 10m+
REC15-SS 15lb REC anchor in SS 6m
REC25-SS 15lb REC anchor in SS 8m
REC40-SS 15lb REC anchor in SS 10m+
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