Custom Brushless Mining Winch

There is no other winch company in the world that has the expertise and experience to build such a wide variety of electric winches as LSM, and this custom mining winch is just one more example. This custom unit will be used for mining operations mapping and dropping sensors in holes up to 1000m or more.Oh, it also had to be mobile to be used on a variety of platforms, so we fabricated a custom aluminium frame with handles and can be lifted or moved with two people. Check out the features:

  • GX5 spool with 250mm ID
  • 1200m of 4mm spectra
  • Variable speed with pendant control
  • Sealed electrics
  • Custom aluminium chassis with tie down points for loading and unloading
  • IP67 Hi-amp plug
  • E-stop
  • Rips in 1000m of rope in under 7 minutes at full speed

With our development in custom electric motors and innovation in electrical engineering growing by the year, we are excited to see what we will be able to offer by way of customized solutions in the future. 

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