GX-Hyd Range

The Worlds premier electric drum anchor winch manufacturer has gone..hydraulic?

Its true! We have made many 1 off hydraulic winches in the past for commercial fishing and mining operations, and thought it was time to add standard options to our range. Featuring the same high quality self locking Italian Made transmissions & 316 stainless steel spool and cradle as our electric GX Series, the GX-Hyd range is available in GX2-Hyd (250mm), GX3-Hyd (300mm), GXD-Hyd (a heavy duty 300mm drum & XL gearbox), GX4-Hyd (350mm), GX5-Hyd (420mm), and GX6-Hyd (550mm) drums with single reduction gearboxes. The GXD-Hyd, GX5-Hyd and GX6-Hyd models are available with single or twin reduction gearboxes. 

All models in the GX-Hyd are high speed which can be varied via your chosen flow control valve. Check our webpage for more information including specifications and required flow and bar rates.

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