The HAULMASTER 1500 is the Newest addition to the Lone Star range!

We have been asked for many years to create an indestructible pot hauler, and in 2020 we finally started putting pen to paper. We not only wanted to make a pot hauler, we wanted to create a truly modular multipurpose line hauling system that excelled in all areas of application, no compromises!
It had to be fully self contained. It had to be fully waterproof with minimal maintenance. It had to offer hands free operation. It had to be ridiculously strong and incredibly fast. It had to offer a variety of fishing and line hauling applications. The final product is so good we had to spell it in all caps!

Boasting a massive 1500w motor, the HAULMASTER 1500 is available with attachments for pot hauling, long lining, deep drop fishing, and downrigging. Check out our webpage for more details

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