Emergency Manual Release

Hi Guys, we have been receiving a fair few phone calls and emails regarding a noticeable lack of dust covers on our GX & Elite series gearboxes. Although they certainly look neat (especially with our logo stamped in them) dust covers don’t do much against water ingress & prohibit the use of our emergency manual release function in the event of power loss.

To use the Emergency Manual Release:

  • Ensure the drum is in a neutral position (no load)
  • Turn the thumb screw counter clockwise until the screw and key are completely removed (you will need about 3 inches of clearance for this)
  • The drum will then be able to be freespooled out

Don’t worry-LSM only use marine rated mariner bronze & stainless steel outputs! No mild steel to rust up like some lesser brands. We’ll take function, quality, & safety over form any day wouldn’t you?

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