Aus Test Testing

As many thousands of our existing customers already know, when you want the best, Buy the Best!
We are proud to announce our GX Series motors have officially received an IP68 (ingress protection) rating from Austest Labs.
What makes this rating so remarkable (other than being by far the most waterproof winch motor on the market), is the fact we have designed our components to achieve this rating with…
✔No Paint
✔No Glue
✔No Silicon Sealant
✔No Exposed Terminals
✔Superior Corrosion Resistance
Our GX winch motors are also the only winch motors on the market to include Australian Made components in the construction.
Our 5 + Life Warranty is a reflection of our success in Design, Commitment to Industry & Drive to Innovation. A warranty based on Quality-Not a cheap replacement price!
A big Thank You to our long term customers who have supported us on our journey from the beginning. Providing the very best for less than what it should be is what we are about, and we will continue.
If its anchoring systems its Lone Star, Better Winches by Design!

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