Our good friend Dave Marciano from Nat Geo’s Wicked Tuna needed a couple bow sprits to suit his preferred Fortress Anchors for the F/V Hard Merchandise & F\V Falcon.

Our CX750’s didn’t really match the angles well for the Fortress Anchors, so with their assistance we’ve come out with a new model. The CX950HD has an adjustable roller setting to suit all sizes and is long enough to keep the flukes away from the bow. They also work perfectly with our larger MMX6, MMX7, and MMX8 anchors. 
These beasts are 101lbs of 316SS 10mm plate & machined 316SS rollers & are now a standard production item for LSM.

They certainly aren’t cheap, but if you have a large vessel and want a bowsprit that will last two lifetimes, the CX950HD is for you.

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